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  The filter media developed by customer are multi-layered compounds made from fibre glass or synthetic materials which allow optimal interaction with the bio fuels and carbon particles dissolved in the oil. They guarantee the highest motor performance even with the introduction of new «long life» oils, additives, mineral and non-mineral oils and their consequent degradation. The structure of the new and traditional filter media ensures a high permeability and therefore minor load losses in the engine lubrication system.


 This plastic part is a part of a Oil filters Plastic ccessories from a Italy customer. This set of molds adopts the HASCO standard. The Core material is 1.2344 (ESR)hardened steel. The mold structure is relatively simple, with four independent core inserts structures. The product material is PA6+30GF, and the surface needs to be VDI-33. The mold delivery time is 40 days, and the injection cycle is 38 seconds. The mold was tested only twice, and the customer asked us to arrange an export to the Italy injection molding factory.


  If you have similar products, please feel free to let us make molds for you. Our quality and service are the best.

Product Detail

Mould NO. CPM-191006
Surface Finish Process VDI-33
Plastic Material PA6+30GF
Part weight 17.1g
Design Software UG
Part size 90mm X 90mm X 9.5mm
Customized Customized
Application Automobile
Mould size 400 X 400 X 461mm
Mould Name Oil filters Plastic ccessories
Mould Cavity 1*4
Runner Cold runner for Point gate
Standard Hasco
Mould Material 1.2344ESR/1.1730/1.2767
Mould Life Cycle 500,000
Lead Time 40days
Mould Cycle Time: 38's
Payment T T

Application field

While the particle capture efficiency provides important clues on the size of particles the filter can remove (and the stabilized cleanliness of your motor oil), the dirt-holding capacity reveals information about service life, prior to going into bypass.

This is particularly important if you are attempting an extended oil drain and not planning to do a midpoint oil filter change. It's also important if you drive your car on dirt or gravel roads or in other dusty environments.

Remember, unlike many large diesel engines, automobile oil filters have no indicator to tell you when oil is bypassing and not being filtered. Like the oil change interval itself, the optimum oil filter change interval is largely guesswork, hence the need for a suitable safety margin.

Some materials are lightweight steel, plastic or cardboard. Their ability to stand up to long service intervals, repeated shock loading, vibration, thermal cycles, temperature extremes and changing motor chemistry may be marginal in certain applications and worst-case scenarios.

Many installers, parts stores and even auto makers say the oil filter needs to be replaced only at every other oil change. While you may think you are saving money by this practice, it really is false economy.

The filters on late-model car engines have been downsized to save weight, cost and space. Sometimes they're hard to find and reach. The quart-sized spin-on filter of the past has been replaced by a pint-sized (or smaller) filter today.

You don't have to be a genius to figure out that a smaller oil filter has less cumulative dirt-holding capacity and perhaps higher flow restriction - a concern with high rpm's or low oil temperature engine starts.

However, we have to trust that these smaller filters will be adequate for 3,000- to 7,000-mile oil change intervals; but there is real risk that they will blind off long before a second oil change at 8,000 to 15,000 miles.

If your oil filter becomes plugged before it gets changed, the oil will go into bypass, leading to accelerated engine wear. When your filter goes into bypass, it is no longer working.

While your engine will not be starved of oil, particle concentrations will continue to grow in the oil by as much as 100 times normal levels.

When you have 100 times more dirt, you will have no less than 100 times more wear associated with particle contamination. Sadly, car makers don't build cars with oil filter bypass alarms.

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