Control Unit and Charge Connector bottom cover

Short Description:

This plastic part is the main part of the Control Unit and Charge Connector bottom cover.


The material used for this plastic part is ABS fireproof Materials, This plastic part is the appearance part of the product and an important assembly part. It is fixedly connected to the middle shell with 6 brass nuts, and needs to pass a 5-meter drop test.


This ABS fireproof material has reached the V0 level, ensuring safety and stability during on-board charging. The plastic mold for this plastic part is made by a three-plate mold. cold runner in the middle point, this advantage can make the whole product injection uniformly and not easily deformed.


This set of injection molds, our design life is 500,000 times. The fixing between the products is designed with  overmold brass nuts. The copper nut is placed in the mold and then injected. This ensures that the copper nut can be more firmly fixed to the plastic part.


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Product Detail

Mould NO. CPM-150239
Surface Finish Process VDI-36
Plastic Material ABS
Part weight 231.65g
Design Software UG/CAD
Part size 242*120*98 mm
Customized Customized
Application Appliances
Mould size 450 * 400 * 431mm
Part Name Control Unit and Charge Connector bottom cover
Mould Cavity 1*1
Runner  point gate-three plate mould
Standard LKM
Mould Material NAK80/S50C
Mould Life Cycle 500,000
Lead Time 35 days
Mould Cycle Time: 42's
Payment T T

Application field

Wall Connector continuously checks for the presence of a safe ground connection and automatically recovers from faults. Ground assurance operates by injecting a small amount of current into the ground 

conductor in order to measure the impedance between line and ground.

Power sharing circuits may be installed in an electrical panel that supports other loads. If space is limited

or the main power supply is far from the Wall Connectors, installing a dedicated load center may be prudent.

As more Wall Connectors begin plugging into vehicles, the system will automatically distribute power based on the total power allocated to the site.

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