Medical stress relief guide tube

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 Our company is very experienced in the field of plastic molds for medical catheters. Not only mold manufacturing, but also medical-grade injection molding. The plastic material used in this medical catheter is very expensive and requires very high quality molds. The inner hole of the product is only 1.27mm in diameter. Our mold inserts are made of SKH51 high-quality material. This material can ensure the tolerance of the small holes and ensure the service life of the inserts pin.



 The plastic material of this catheter is a 65-degree soft material. During the injection molding process, it is difficult to demold. Through our technological improvement, our current mold production is smooth and the injection cycle is shortened. At present, our injection molding cycle is 16 seconds, which saves delivery time and cost to our customers.



 Our set of molds is made of S136 hardened material, and the life of the mold should reach 1 million times. In the injection molding production process, it is necessary to ensure the accuracy of the product, and ensure that it is stable and firm during the assembly process. 



 If you have similar products, Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be your best partner.


Product Detail

Mould NO. CPM-181016
Surface Finish Process VID20
Plastic Material PEBAX 35D-50D
Part weight 0.35g
Design Software UG
Part size ø5.00 X 34.00mm
Customized Customized
Application Medical industry
Mould size 246 X 3496 X 317mm
Part Name Medical stress relief guide tube
Mould Cavity 1*4
Runner Cold runner for sub gate
Standard DME
Mould Material S136(HRC 48-52)
Mould Life Cycle 1,000,000
Lead Time 25days
Mould Cycle Time: 16's
Payment T T

Application field

For labs performing a lot of pipetting on a regular basis, automated liquid handlers offer many advantages. These instruments can improve the reproducibility of your assays while limiting contamination and decreasing the risk of repetitive stress injury. There are many factors to consider when purchasing an automated liquid handling solution include the instrument’s cost, capacity, and ability to meet future needs.

Usually the same supplements that your health care team has prescribed for you to drink can go through the tube. You can use brand-name products and generic supplements that are found over the counter or through your home care or medical equipment company. You can also use specialized tube feeding products depending on your individual needs. Your care team can help you pick the tube and the supplement that is right for you.

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