Chair plastic cushion

Short Description:

 In addition to the design and appearance of the cushion of a plastic chair, its quality is also very important. The plastic material we use is PP+20GF, which has good toughness and excellent compression resistance.

✭ The mold of this plastic part uses NAK80 mold steel, which has good polishing performance. In order to get a high-quality surface effect and a good texture surface, NAK80 material performs very well. The life expectancy of this model is up to 500,000 times. The water transportation design and strength of the mold are all designed and manufactured on the basis of this life.

 The product injection cycle is 42 seconds, and the daily production capacity can reach 850. The short manufacturing cycle has also greatly reduced the cost of the product, and has won more profit margins for our customers.

 If you have similar products, Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be your best partner.

Product Detail

Mould NO. CPM-150236
Surface Finish Process VDI-33
Plastic Material PP+20GF
Part weight 1860g
Design Software UG
Part size 520*370*410 mm
Customized Customized
Application Appliances
Mould size 800 * 500 * 561mm


Part Name Chair plastic cushion
Mould Cavity 1*1
Runner  point gate
Standard LKM
Mould Material NAK80/P20
Mould Life Cycle 500,000
Lead Time 42 days
Mould Cycle Time: 42's
Payment T T

Application field

The design of this kind of stool is perfect. The curved design of the seat cushion ensures that the sitting posture is upright, and it will not feel tired for a long time. Generally, our chair is used in large conferences and offices.

The frame of the stool is designed and manufactured by stainless steel pipe, with a bearing strength of 300 kg. The foot pad is made of rubber pad, which reduces noise during the movement.

The shape adopts a curved design style, which makes the entire office look generous and tidy.

Project Management

We have 12 Design Engineers with an average of 10 years design experience and a technical college level of education. The team will discuss every new project together and find the perfect solution for it, based on our knowledge and successful experience. We use 3D software to design the mold and Moldflow to verify and optimize the design, so that we can ensure it’s success.

After receiving your PO and part print, we will discuss and recommend any changes we think are necessary to make the part mouldable. We will then provide you with a DFM design report within two days to one week for you to review. We will discuss and then submit the part demoulding method and finalized mould design for your approval, before purchasing and cutting the steel. This process guarantees that we fulfill all of your design requirements.


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Mould standard

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