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The plastic part is an important appearance and function part of the game glasses, and the appearance directly contacts with user. The plastic part is made of nylon PA12 (general), EMS Grivory TR90 (specification), color: black 9208.The mold for this plastic part is made with a two-plate mold. Because of the appearance and functional structure of the plastic parts, the mold design fully considers the external surface that can be protected and the principle of realizing the product function, and use the cold runner two submersible glue in an appropriate way. This method of injecting glue ensures the beautiful appearance of the product. , It can also improve the molding efficiency. The 2-point injection prevents the product from deforming due to the high injection pressure during the injection molding, and the size is unstable, which affects the product quality. This set of injection mold, our mold life is 500,000 shots. If you have similar products, please feel free to contact us. We will be your best partner.

Product Detail

Mould NO. CPM-160218 Part Name PLASTICS, COVER, BACK
Surface Finish Process MT-11510 Mould Cavity 1*1
Plastic Material PC Runner  2point gate-Two plate mould
Part weight 9.0g Standard LKM 
Design Software UG/CAD Mould Material S136/S50C
Part size 166.3*42.9*42.5 mm Mould Life Cycle 500,000
Customized Customized Lead Time 35 days
Application Appliances Mould Cycle Time: 30's
Mould size * * mm Payment T T


Application field

The entire product can provide massive videos, cool games, and amazing panoramic videos, allowing users to experience the real virtual world. The entire product is used in games, integrating intellectual development and leisure and entertainment, and is considered the most accessible industry. Whether it is role-playing, racing or action games, this is the most anticipated development area. In driving simulation, there is a lot of application space. Glasses can provide almost the same experience as the real world, the equipment required is not complicated, and the entire product is used in the film industry. People can wear glasses to watch I Max movies at home, and the number of movies and concerts that can be seen is growing at the speed of light. In addition, some companies have begun to produce more immersive movies.


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