Small precision servo steering gear cover

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With the continuous expansion of the robot market, many robot manufacturing companies have launched very fierce competition. The service life of the robot, reducing noise has become a major technical problem. This part of the small precision servo servo plays a very important role, because each joint of the robot needs a servo to achieve different actions.


Our plastic part is the housing part of the servo steering gear, and the plastic material used is high-performance PA66+30GF material. Under the action of the gears of the servo steering gear, it can ensure that the plastic shell will not deform and remain stable during the movement of the gears. This plastic shell has very high requirements for the accuracy of the mold, especially the dimensional tolerance of the gear positioning hole, to ensure that it is within the tolerance range of 0.005mm. Our mold materials are manufactured using imported materials from Becu and S136.


This plastic shell is composed of three plastic shells, an upper shell, a middle shell and a lower shell. They must be perfectly matched to ensure that the center position of the gear positioning hole is consistent. Therefore, for this kind of precision plastic parts, the mould cavity is only 2, so that the size can be better controlled.


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Product Detail

Mould NO. CPM-150226
Surface Finish Process VDI-24
Plastic Material PA66+30GF
Part weight 18.65g
Design Software UG
Part size 45.00*25.0*18.0 mm
Customized Customized
Application Connectors 
Mould size 250 * 250 * 311mm
Part Name Small precision servo steering gear cover
Mould Cavity 1*2
Runner Cold runner for sub gate
Standard DME
Mould Material S136/S50C/S-7/BeCU
Mould Life Cycle 1,000,000
Lead Time 25 days
Mould Cycle Time: 25's
Payment T T

Application field

In industrial type servo motors the position feedback sensor is usually a high precision encoder, while in the smaller RC or hobby servos the position sensor is usually a simple potentiometer. The actual position captured by these devices is fed back to the error detector where it is compared to the target position. Then according to the error the controller corrects the actual position of the motor to match with the target position.

Hobby servos are small in size actuators used for controlling RC toys cars, boats, airplanes etc. They are also used by engineering students for prototyping in robotics, creating robotic arms, biologically inspired robots, humanoid robots and so on.

The potentiometer is attached on the final gear or the output shaft, so as the motor rotates the potentiometer rotates as well, thus producing a voltage that is related to the absolute angle of the output shaft. In the control circuit, this potentiometer voltage is compared to the voltage coming from the signal line. If needed, the controller activates an integrated H-Bridge which enables the motor to rotate in either direction until the two signals reach a difference of zero.

A servo motor is controlled by sending a series of pulses through the signal line. The frequency of the control signal should be 50Hz or a pulse should occur every 20ms. The width of pulse determines angular position of the servo and these type of servos can usually rotate 180 degrees (they have a physical limits of travel).

Generally pulses with 1ms duration correspond to 0 degrees position, 1.5ms duration to 90 degrees and 2ms to 180 degrees. Though the minimum and maximum duration of the pulses can sometimes vary with different brands and they can be 0.5ms for 0 degrees and 2.5ms for 180 degrees position.

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