Mold making and testing


The production equipment must be verified, in order to produce the production standard before the large batch mold trial, it is necessary to have samples to adjust and control the processing conditions, and to know the best temperature and pressure conditions, as well as the standard and exemplary working methods suitable for each mold, which are used to establish daily routines. work method.

Mold making is a relatively complex mold trial making process with many processes, from mold design, mold processing, mold components, and mold making.

The result of the plastic mold test in front of the operating table is not good, and a good mold test process will be produced directly in the mold test process. The normal mold test process must be reasonably followed during the inspection and mold test process in the mold. The technical parameters to the production of the product.

The actual situation of the trimmed part, the similar situation of the occurrence situation, and the analysis method after the cause of the failure of the part is found. , When changing the molding conditions cannot solve the problem, the mold needs to be repaired.

There are many reasons for the interweaving of the two kinds of molds, and there are also many reasons for the poor process. Although the plastic mold design is carried out under the expected process conditions when selecting the molding materials and molding equipment, people's understanding is often imperfect. Therefore, the mold test must be carried out after the plastic mold processing is completed to see the quality of the molded parts, and the wrong mold repair shall be carried out after the problems are found.


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Post time: Jul-10-2022