Product Innovations in the Face of COVID-19

COVID-19 While terrible, times of crisis over the years have also spurred some of history’s most notable inventions still in use today. From the ambulance created during the Middle Ages to help medics get to and transport patients quickly, to duct tape during WWII helping soldiers repair equipment in a pinch, and even Isaac Newton’s work in early calculus and gravity while ‘working from home’ during the Great Plague of London, national and global epidemics have been the foundation for innovative and creative solutions to problems of the time. With recent advancements in sanitization methods, mask alternatives, and a whole slew of devices to keep you from touching different surfaces, the current coronavirus pandemic has proven to be no different.


One of the most notable inventions to come out of the current pandemic has been a variety of face coverings. Perhaps spurred by the initial lack of disposable and N95 masks recommended during the early stages, we’ve seen a spike in homemade suppliers and other washable and reusable face covering solutions. A recent study even showed the homemade, stitched-quilting fabric masks to be more effective than bandanas or cone-style masks (like the N95) with cough droplets traveling just 2.5 inches through the quilted coverings, compared to 3 feet, and 8 inches, respectively.


With the option to make homemade face coverings from recycled fabric, the Soffio constructed from recycled plastic, and the many reusable options being introduced, these alternative options created in the wake of the pandemic are poised to have a lasting environmental impact and effect on future filtration and mask-making techniques.The designers came up with the creation to assist their clients, mostly bars and restaurants, asking for creative and practical solutions to assist businesses in reopening.

Whether it is new, environmentally-friendly ways to produce products, enhanced devices to keep us connected, or brand new technologies like NASA’s PULSE pendant that vibrates when your hand approaches your face, the coronavirus pandemic has inspired some creative and innovative ideas. It will be interesting to watch these innovations develop and see which might develop into the ambulance or duct tape of the future.

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Post time: Dec-01-2020