Plastic mold trial and mold inspection

Mold trial and mold inspection is the last work before the mold shipping. We need to understand the standards of mold testing and product acceptance, and timely perfect the mold so that the mold products are qualified to ship.
There are three parts about mold acceptance, mold acceptance, mold trial operation inspection, injection molding product acceptance, mold trial operation acceptance is mainly to verify the stability, reliability, surface quality of plastic parts and injection molding efficiency during mold injection production.
ͼƬ1At CPM maker factory, we will also test the molds and provide 3-5pcs FOC samples for customer checking if customer require, and provide dimensional inspection reports, injection molding parameters, material certificates, etc.,
ͼƬ2If you have any interest and questions about injection molding, please contact us at the following email address for more information. We are always ready to help you online.


Post time: Mar-27-2023