Plastic Mold Manufacturer

Plastic Mold Manufacturer
Plastic injection molding processes create a large range of plastic parts used in everything from kitchen appliances to automobile components. Although injection molding is a common manufacturing process, it requires very expensive machinery to execute a complex set of temperatures, pressures, speeds and times to make custom parts from a wide range of different plastic materials.

The quality of the injection mold used is also a vital part of the process, so choosing the right plastic mold manufacturer to design your plastic injection molds for plastic injection is critical.

This basic guide by injection molding manufacturer Chapman will help you understand the process of injection molding and how the mold design fits into the bigger picture.

Injection Molding Basics
Injection molding is exactly what it sounds like. Plastic pellets are fed into an injection molding machine. They are heated to high temperatures until they’re molten, then injected into a plastic injection mold created by a plastic mold manufacturer. Over time, the plastic hardens and achieves a solid form.

The plastic usually comes as polymer granules, small pellets that can easily and quickly be melted. Since these thermoplastic polymers are capable of being colored or filled with additives, they’re rather versatile materials. A few basic types of thermoplastics that are used in injection molded products are:

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
Polyethylene (PE)
Polypropylene (PP)
Polystyrene (PS)
Plastic injection molding, custom injection molding, and prototype injection molding all offer several benefits when they are done properly. It can be an extremely repeatable process which can produce high quality complex shapes over and over.

Injection molding is also a process that can be fast, which makes it perfect for high-volume manufacturing. Injection molds can be made to produce several parts at a time which results in a lower cost per part.

How the Injection Molding Process Works
Before production can begin, a plastic mold manufacturer must design and build a custom mold for the part shape to be manufactured. After the mold is made it will be installed into a production molding machine and tested for proper function and part quality.

We describe how the injection molding process works in detail on our plastic-injection-molds and plastic injection molding pages.

To the contrary, all well respected injection mold makers have detailed communication with their customers about the part and mold design at the start of their projects, and many times even before quoting the project or accepting any deposit money.

Mold Quality
We have spoken about injection mold construction on our plastic injection molds page and how important mold quality is for having high quality plastic molded parts. There is not enough that can be said about the topic of mold quality.

Maintenance and Support
Plastic injection molds need ongoing maintenance and support!

That means all ongoing maintenance for your mold is included with our services and many simple engineering changes will also be included in the original mold pricing.

Lead Times
Lead times are critical for any provider of goods or services, and it is no different for our customers that need high quality custom plastic parts.

At Chapman Maker, we offer end-to-end services to produce your custom plastic parts. When choosing a manufacturer, we believe that providing in-house mold making along with high quality manufacturing systems under one roof is critical for producing quality injection molded parts and makes for a superior customer experience over a provider without in-house capabilities.

Without a cohesive team and a solid advance quality plan, it can be impossible to find and resolve issues before the final product is delivered.

Our experienced sales engineers, designers and injection molding experts work alongside our customers for advanced quality planning to meet all customer part specifications.

This close in-house working relationship eliminates costly problems that can happen when transferring between separate teams and facilities. Design challenges are resolved efficiently and quickly by working together in the same building.

High-Quality Molds Made In-house
At Chapman Maker, we design and build our customer injection molds in-house. Our team of designers and machinists work with advanced software and CNC machining to create your mold exactly to your part’s specifications.

Our capabilities include economical high-quality insert and free-standing molds. A description of these two mold types can be found on our plastic-injection-molds page.

Why Choose Chapman Maker?
Chapman maker management has over 15 years of expertise delivering superior quality injection molded products to a wide range of industries. We’ve developed and produced components for agricultural equipment, oil and gas equipment, consumer recreational and sporting goods, material handling, medical and laboratory instruments, aerospace, automobiles and a huge range of industrial applications:

Commercial plumbing
Hand tools
LED lighting
Water treatment
Full Service Injection Molding

We’ve been a full-service injection molding company!

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