Mold makers focus on recruiting the next generation

Like more and more other industry trade associations, the China Mold Manufacturers Association has also launched projects aimed at attracting the younger generation.


Today, recruiting the next generation of employees has become a top priority for Chinese manufacturers. I know this sounds like a cliché. (At my age, I know very well what clichés are. This also proves that I am old and no longer belong to the “next generation”.) In the Chinese mold factory, it is difficult to see the young guys born after 95, and it is also ugly. Go to a bunch of mold apprentices and follow the master to learn mold assembly and mold manufacturing. This scenery will always remain in the memories of those born in the 1980s.

As a generation with decades of work experience gradually retire, the plastics industry has also begun to become “old”. This trend is most urgent in the field of mold manufacturing. Mold manufacturers urgently need to find young employees and keep them in this industry. It can be seen from this that in today’s era of shortage of skilled workers, they will still be regarded as young people by the age of 40! Yes, 40 years old now is equivalent to 20 years old…

In addition, other mold industry associations are also working hard to promote the next generation of sports.

In addition, the thermoforming department of the Chinese Society of Plastics Engineers has established scholarships and is working hard to recruit more young people to join its board of directors. In an innovation competition at the Thermoforming Conference in 2018, the radio-controlled car designed by the student participants used a colored thermoformed body-which is much better than the static “student auto parts design competition” in the past.

At last year’s meeting, the thermoforming department also organized a group discussion on recruiting young employees “looking for unicorns”-I hope that outstanding young employees will be easier to find than unicorns in the myth.


Recruiting the next generation of employees is a long-term problem, and today’s extremely low unemployment rate in China is even worse. Solving this problem will require persistent and innovative measures.

Post time: Dec-01-2020