Medical Injection Mould

In the development of plastic medical devices, injection molds play a role that cannot be ignored. As a professional mold manufacturer, Chapman has provided various medical molds for domestic and foreign users over the years, such as: syringe molds, infusion bottle molds, test tube molds, petri dish molds, goggles molds, druggist molds, Atomizer can mold, respiratory mask mold, etc.


We have our own R&D and service team, several sets of processing equipment, and are committed to the R&D and manufacturing of high-precision medical device molds. For example, the goggle molds we manufacture have the characteristics of high light transmittance, no dents, and high precision. In addition, Chapman can also provide customers with a complete set of injection molding solutions for plastic medical devices, including product design and development, mold design and mold process analysis, mold development, full-line equipment, after-sales installation and training services.


Medical plastic molds are inseparable from first-class processing equipment to ensure their accuracy. The company uses domestic and foreign high-precision production equipment for mold processing to ensure that the dimensions are accurately controlled within the tolerance range. After the mold is processed, the three-coordinate measuring instrument and other dimension measuring equipment are used to control the size, strictly control the precision of each processing process, and ensure the quality of the mold.

 The medical device mold developed by Chapman has the following advantages:

1. The surface of the product is highly transparent and has no dents;

2. High precision mold control and no eccentricity;

3. The combination of injection molding machine and good cooling system speeds up the molding cycle;

4. The injection molding is stable and the production efficiency is improved.

Nowadays, the medical market is hot. If you want to enter the medical consumables market or expand the project production capacity, please feel free to contact us. Chapman's excellent medical injection molds and complete medical mold solutions can help you.



Post time: Jul-01-2022