How to purchase mold from China-Chapman maker

How to purchase mold? QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery) is often the three core procurement points that all professional procurement personnel cared. Of course, this is also the necessary content that must be paid attention to when purchasing molds. In terms of cost, relative to the unit price of the product, the price of the mold is much higher than the product price. The price of a mold for a product can range from 3,000 USD to as much as 200,000 USD.

At Chapman maker, our engineers will provide customers with the most economical solution according to customer requirements (including mold standard, mold life, mold cavity, and injection molding product requirements).


In terms of quality, as an important production tool, the mold needs to be continuously produced day after day and year after year in the actual production process. Therefore, how to ensure the quality of the mold should be the top priority for purchasing personnel. If there is a quality problem in the production process of the mold, it will often lead to the shutdown of the production, and then the mold maintenance personnel need to spend a lot of time on the repair and maintenance of the mold, and the production plan of the factory will also follow a relatively large change. What's more, if there is a big problem with the mold, it may cause the mold to be scrapped, and the company needs to purchase a new set of molds, resulting in additional project costs.

Chapman maker engineer will provide customer the DFM(Design for manufacturability)report for approval when the mold begin to manufacturing.

In terms of delivery time, the mold is at the forefront of the supply chain, and the increase in the chain length will inevitably lead to the amplification of the bullwhip effect, and slight changes in the mold delivery time may lead to the delay of the entire project. Therefore, whether the mold can be successfully developed on time has become an important node for the smooth delivery of the project.

A mold schedule plan will be received by our customers from Chapman maker which will show the date of each processing stage. And we will also provide the weekly report with mold machining pictures to ensure the original confirmed delivery date between customer and us will be controlled.


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Post time: May-12-2022