Determination of the number of cavities and arrangement of cavities

According to the number of mold cavities, it can be divided into single-cavity injection mold and multi-cavity injection mold.

The determination of the number of mold cavities is mainly based on the projected area of the product, geometric shape (with or without side core pulling), product precision, batch size and economic benefits.



The number of cavities is mainly determined based on the following factors:

1. The production batch of the product (monthly batch or annual batch).

2. Whether the product has side core pulling and its treatment method.

3. Dimensions of the mold and the effective area of the injection mold (or the inner distance between the tie rods of the injection machine).

4. Product weight and injection volume of injection machine.

5. The projected area and clamping force of the product.

6. Product precision.

7. Product color.

8. Economic benefit (production value of each mold).

The above factors sometimes restrict each other, so when determining the design scheme, coordination must be carried out to ensure that the main conditions are met. After the number of cavities is determined, the arrangement of the cavities and the layout of the positions of the cavities are carried out. The arrangement of the cavity involves the size of the mold, the design of the gating system, the balance of the gating system, the design of the core-pulling (slider) mechanism, the design of the insert core and the design of the hot runner system. The above problems are related to the selection of parting surface and gate position, so in the specific design process, necessary adjustments should be made to achieve the most perfect design.



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Post time: Feb-28-2023