Chapman maker- One-stop product customization service


After years of development, Chapman maker has formed its own complete process and a supply chain service circle within half an hour. From product structure design optimization - 3D printing test, Rapid soft mould small quantity trial order, mold injection / hardware processing (including CNC, die casting, CNC lathe processing, etc.) - rich surface treatment technology - independent product assembly, with a complete and efficient way to provide customers with one-stop customized services from design to product launch in the shortest possible time.

Why do you need one-stop service?

First, the machinability of the design: rich experience in product processing is required to ensure that all exquisite designs can be easily and conveniently processed;


Second, when a product has both plastic parts and hardware parts, the precise size and the matching and matching between various structural parts may lead to overall rework or failure due to a single detail. Moreover, multiple independent communications between different suppliers will also increase the difficulty of product presentation;

Third, low MOQ: When a single accessory is placed, customers may need to face a very high MOQ, such as a 20*20mm plastic accessory, which may require a MOQ of tens of thousands or even 50,000; However, when we provide one-stop service, we need to deal with the whole set of products, so the MOQ of 2000-3000 will neither put great financial pressure on customers, nor do they need to have great inventory pressure


Chapman maker has worked with clients to test and market multiple projects, ranging from consumer products, to electronics, fitness equipment, etc.

Chapman maker focuses on providing customers with one-stop landing customization services for products, and is dedicated to efficient and fast cooperation to produce products that win the market for customers!

If you have any new enquiry of the plastic parts. Please kindly feel freely contact Chapman Maker team. They will give you very professional guidance and the most competitive price.


Post time: Jun-20-2022