Are there different types of plastics that can be used for injection molding?

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Plastic materialsare used in a wide variety of applications, and often plastics engineers work with customers to specify the best plastic for their application. This can be based on temperature, it can be based on environmental conditions, it can be fairly based on a wide range of factors that determine the material chosen for the application.

Almost any thermoplastic can be injection molded because it is malleable at a certain temperature, solidifies when cooled and the process can be repeated. For example the following materials:
PC/ABS Polycarbonate and Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Copolymers and Blends: Typical Applications: Computer and Business Machine Housings, Electrical Equipment, Lawn and Gardening Machines, Auto Parts Dashboards, Interior Finishes, and Wheel Covers) .
Blends of PC/PBT Polycarbonate and Polybutylene Terephthalate: Typical application areas: Gearboxes, automotive bumpers and those requiring chemical and corrosion resistance, thermal stability, impact resistance and geometric stability sexual products.
PE-HD High Density Polyethylene Typical application range: refrigerator containers, storage containers, household kitchen utensils, sealing lids, etc.
PE-LD Low Density Polyethylene Typical Applications: Bowls, Cabinets, Pipe Couplings
PEI polyetherimide application range: automotive industry (engine accessories such as temperature sensors, fuel and air handlers, etc.), electrical and electronic equipment (electrical connectors, printed circuit boards, chip housings, explosion-proof boxes, etc.), product packaging, Aircraft interior equipment, pharmaceutical industry (surgical instruments, tool housings, non-implantable instruments).
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ABS is synthesized from three chemical monomers, acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene. Has superior ease of processing, appearance characteristics, low creep and excellent dimensional stability and high impact strength. Typical application areas: automobiles (dashboards, tool hatches, wheel covers, mirror boxes, etc.), refrigerators, heavy-duty tools (hair dryers, blenders, food processors, lawn mowers, etc.), phone cases body, typewriter keyboards, golf carts and sleigh carts, etc.

Typical application range of PA6 polyamide 6 or nylon 6: It is widely used in structural parts due to its good mechanical strength and stiffness. It has good wear resistance and is also used in the manufacture of bearings.

PA66 Polyamide 66 or Nylon 66 Typical application range: Compared with PA6, PA66 is more widely used in the automotive industry, instrument housings and other products that require impact resistance and high strength requirements.

PBT polybutylene terephthalate is one of the toughest engineering thermoplastics, it is a semi-crystalline material with very good chemical stability, mechanical strength, electrical insulating properties and thermal stability. Typical application range: Household appliances (food processing blades, vacuum cleaner components, electric fans, hair dryer housings, coffee utensils, etc.), electrical components (switches, motor housings, fuse boxes, computer keyboard keys, etc.), automotive industry ( radiator grilles, body panels, wheel covers, door and window components, etc.).

PC Polycarbonate Typical applications: electrical and commercial equipment (computer components, connectors, etc.), appliances (food processors, refrigerator drawers, etc.), transportation industry (vehicle front and rear lights, dashboards, etc.).

Typical application range of PET polyethylene terephthalate: automotive industry (structural devices such as reflector boxes, electrical components such as headlight reflectors, etc.), electrical components (motor housings, electrical connectors, relays, switches, microwave ovens, etc.) internal device). Industrial applications (pump housings, hand instruments, etc.).

PMMA polymethyl methacrylate Typical application range: automotive industry (signal light equipment, instrument panels, etc., then the use of non-filled PET materials can also obtain transparent products.

Typical application range of POM: POM has a very low coefficient of friction and good geometric stability, and is especially suitable for making gears and bearings. Since it also has high temperature resistance properties, it is also used in plumbing devices (valves, pump housings), lawn equipment, etc.

PP polypropylene can completely use the hot runner system. Typical application range: automotive industry (mainly using PP with metal additives: fenders, ventilation pipes, fans, etc.), appliances (dishwasher door gaskets, dryer ventilation pipes, washing machine frames and covers, refrigerator door gaskets etc.), consumer goods (lawn and garden equipment such as lawnmowers and sprinklers, etc.).

PPE Polypropylene Typical application range: household appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines and other electrical equipment such as controller housings, optical fiber connectors, etc.

PS polystyrene Typical application range: product packaging, household items, tableware, trays, etc., electrical (transparent containers, light source diffusers, insulating films, etc.).
Typical applications of PA12 polyamide 12 or nylon 12: water meters and other commercial equipment, cable sleeves, mechanical cams, sliding mechanisms and bearings, etc.

Typical applications of PVC (polyvinyl chloride): water supply pipes, household pipes, house wall panels, commercial machine housings, electronic product packaging, medical equipment, food packaging, etc
Typical application scope of SA styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer: electrical sockets, housings, etc., daily commodity kitchen appliances, refrigerator devices, TV bases, cassette boxes, etc., automotive industry (headlight boxes, reflective environments, instrument panels, etc.) , Household items (tableware, food knives, etc.), cosmetic packaging, etc.
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In this day and age, technology is advancing rapidly, new polymers are emerging, and of course, methods of plastic molding are constantly evolving!
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