Application of LSR Molding

At this point, you may ask what is the purpose of silicone rubber. Liquid silicone rubber is a versatile material, and new applications are discovered and tested every day. It is the backbone of the healthcare manufacturing, auto parts manufacturing, baby products, electronics and consumer products, gaskets and other hardware markets. The main reason why liquid silicone can develop rapidly in all walks of life is inseparable from the liquid silicone mold process technology.

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Medical / insurance

Liquid silicone products have been widely used in the medical industry due to their excellent physical properties, excellent chemical resistance and heat resistance. In addition, medical-grade liquid silicone rubber has many advantages, such as biocompatibility, easy sterilization and transparency. The material feels soft on the skin, which makes it an obvious choice for medical devices that come in contact with the body. The product also complies with strict FDA standards. Derui Silicone Technology produces many products for the medical industry, including the production of flow control valves, syringe plugs and other components.

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LSR has the characteristics of durability, tensile strength, high thermal stability, fatigue resistance and tear resistance, making it an excellent choice for components used under the hood of a car. Many OEMs and Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers like to use liquid silicone rubber to manufacture a variety of individual parts, including O-rings, buttons, components, gaskets and wiring harness components. LSR can also be directly molded on plastic or metal parts.

Consumer goods

Liquid silicone rubber has many characteristics and can provide the diversification of raw materials required to manufacture a variety of consumer products. These products range from kitchen bakeware and plastic shower heads to electronics and bottle dispensers.

Special application

Various types and grades of liquid silicone rubber make the material suitable for a variety of other applications, including: Valves and meters, membranes and sealing rings, irrigation filter parts, pressure outlets, check valves and one-way valves, illuminated pa


The precision requirements of liquid silicone molds are very high. In addition, its new generation of technology naturally has stricter requirements on the material of the mold and its technical requirements. The reason why the price of liquid silicone mold is higher than that of other molds is that the production price and cost of liquid silicone molding equipment and liquid silicone molds are much higher than other molding machinery and equipment.

The liquid silicone molds of Chapman Technology Shenzhen Co., Ltd. are equipped with relevant equipment and hardware, such as mold drawing designers, engineers, and engineers. It is because they have their own R&D team and eq


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