The advantages of plastic prototype for product designing

In Chapman maker company, the newly designed new product development generally requires a prototype to test the assembly and basic functional effects, because the newly designed product will have some deficiencies more or less, and these deficiencies can be found by making a prototype, and then slowly improve and design a perfect product; it is also a very critical link before the product is opened. It is not economical to open a mold without making a prototype.


Prototyping is not only low cost and fast, but also has the advantage of easy production and processing. All kinds of plastic prototypes have stronger product display capabilities, and can also conduct structural certification for R&D personnel as soon as possible to speed up the development of new products.

No matter what material is chosen to make the prototype , it should be done in accordance with the 3D drawings and structural drawings of the product, so as to be more prominent in the actual effect level.


Precisely because there is no need to make molds before designing and developing new products. It can be made according to the method of proofing, and the plastic prototype can be made of plastic. Therefore, it is also necessary to select suitable production materials for proofing and shaping.

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Post time: Jun-25-2022